Robert Berenguer, Logistics Director, Operations Department at Dorna Sports:

“Both Yale CZ and LOG Systems were incredibly cooperative in ensuring that the whole process ran smoothly. The support they offered, and the trucks they provided were both outstanding and helped us deliver against all of our logistical metrics.”

Yale Europe Materials Handling and MotoGP™ successfully began their new brand partnership thanks to the short-term rental scheme on offer from the materials handling manufacturer. The first event covered by the new brand partnership took place from 4-6 August at the Brno circuit in Czech Republic.

With a short turnaround between events, and tight freight delivery deadlines, efficient logistics is essential to keep MotoGP™ running smoothly throughout the season.

Dorna required a variety of lift trucks with lifting capacities from 2.5 tonnes to 8 tonnes. To meet this demand, Yale CZ provided Dorna with one each of the GDP25LX, GLP35VX, GLP30MX, GDP70VX models and two of the GLP30VX lift trucks. A further GDP35VX truck was supplied by LOG Systems.

The tight deadlines and varying demands of the job were a superb showcase for the Yale short-term rental scheme. Thanks to the expertise of the Yale dealers, it was a great start to the Yale-MotoGP™ partnership.