The new Series N moves away from the defined categories of basic, standard, and premium lift trucks to a completely new customer experience that enables them to define their own truck specification.

Automotive customers have similar demands to those of warehouse and logistics operations, with some key additional challenges. The Series N can be configured to suit the customers’ needs – all while offering operator comfort to promote high levels of productivity.

With increasingly demanding productivity targets pushing many operations to run two or even three shifts, you need to set a new standard for high uptime and low cost of ownership. Harsh duty cycles and challenging environments can threaten uptime, and you need equipment proven to stand up and deliver, shift and shift. The Series N helps protect your bottom line with features engineered to minimise unplanned downtime, simplify service and lower fuel costs.

An industry-wide drive for efficiency in logistics has led to the use of more lightweight and returnable packaging – and with it, an increased risk of damage to the packaging from the forklift. The Series N offers some excellent options to reduce this risk, allowing packages to be handled carefully.

This includes a new hydraulic system, which offers improved sensitivity and fine control. Together with industry-leading drive systems, the truck enables operators to place loads consistently and accurately.

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