The new Yale® Series N enables operation in numerous industries to quickly adapt to changing demands with its customisable solutions. The configurability of the range enables customers in warehouse & logistics to design a truck that will meet their unique applications.

Warehouse and logistics operators are often required to regularly get on and off the truck during their normal operational tasks. The Series N has a number of features to help the operator get quickly and safely off the truck.

The step position offers excellent ingress and egress, which combined with the overhead guard position minimizes twist as the operator climbs into the cab, reducing the flex in an operator’s back and torso. A large step is one of three points of contact, alongside a convenient handle for the left hand and the seat’s flip-up armrest to provide the operator a secure way of getting into the truck.

As the cornerstone of the supply chain, warehousing and logistics operations are likely to require trucks that work in both indoor and outdoor environments. The addition of high-output LED lights on a Series N provides superior illumination in dark conditions. Where trucks are used in outdoor areas, the cab can be configured for various climates. Features such as heaters or air conditioning can be specified.

More inventory and tighter spaces mean greater challenges moving goods, but operations can’t allow productivity to slide. The series N combines enhanced all-around visibility with innovative technology to help support operator awareness, confidence, and efficiency.

When frequently placing loads on racks in warehouses, visibility to the load, forks, racking and stored loads is key for the operator. The Series N has a wide mast window, helping the operator to see the load every time they lift. It can also be fitted with a fork laser line, helping to reduce operator guesswork during high lifting.

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