The Yale Series N gives you the flexibility to get the forklift truck that’s right for you and your application. Built around a scalable platform, the Series N is the forklift truck you configure to meet your demands.

Maintaining a strict focus on lift truck best practices can be a challenge, but with so much riding on lift truck operator performance, building and supporting safe, effective habits through proper, comprehensive training is critical. The Series N has smart features and truck technology that offers alerts and automated assistance to operators in real time.

Some food industry products require refrigeration. Our trucks can enable the operator to control the climate to keep comfortable while working in colder conditions.

In the food industry, it is common practice for customers to have light but bulky loads, which can limit forward visibility, therefore increasing the need for more reverse driving.

To facilitate manoeuvring in reverse, users can benefit from a rear drive handle with horn option. The handle is conveniently located on the rear overhead guard leg and helps to reduce strain on the operator’s back when driving in reverse. The addition of the horn button allows an operator to use the horn function without having to remove their hand from the steering wheel.

While operators should keep an eye on the direction of travel, a reverse camera option and corresponding LCD display can support visibility behind the truck, especially when manoeuvring and first moving away.

Tall loads are often block stacked, which bring its own operational issues. They can be less secure on the forks due to the high centre of gravity, especially when stacked on top of each other. The Series N has a number of features to help, from a simple load back rest to the Dynamic Stability System (DSS), which can send audio and visual alerts to the operator, improve stability; and limit truck speed and tilt range in certain conditions to reduce the likelihood of truck tip-overs.

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