Matthew Wiacek, Project Engineer

“We designed the MPT series rider pallet truck ergonomically around the operator. When loading, unloading or moving in small spaces, it’s useful to be able to stand up and shift position to get a better view – as platform pallet truck operators do. For travel over longer distances, sitting down is less tiring – but a conventional seat causes restriction and discomfort if the operator wants to stand for part of the job. We’ve been able to offer operators the best of both worlds with a seat that adjusts, at the touch of a button, to allow a choice of sitting, standing or an in-between leaning position.”

Yale sees the new design as a major contribution to increasing operator productivity in applications involving a combination of, for example, lorry or trailer loading and unloading, cross-docking, transport over longer distances and extended or multi-shift work cycles.

The innovative seat system is just one of many ergonomic features which will help operators do a better job.

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