Even after a couple of turbulent years, the logistics sector is predicted to grow. Whether transporting or receiving goods by air, water, land, or storing goods in warehouses, Yale Europe Materials Handling is the full-line solutions partner that can be relied upon in such time-pressured environments.

As a manufacturer, Yale® derives warehouse industry knowledge and insight from first-hand experience of solving materials handling challenges. This experience is utilised to provide solutions for customers throughout the industry.

Long lead times

Ongoing global supply chain issues and sheer volume of demand have led to longer lead times for all types of new materials handling solutions. But you don’t need to wait for up to two years for your next warehouse equipment.

Class 2 and 3 forklifts have relatively shorter and competitive lead times and Yale has near-term build slots available on some key warehousing products. Whether you handle packaging, food & drink, retail, e-commerce or furniture, Yale’s range of specialised forklifts is guaranteed to help maximise your warehouse capacity. 

The Yale solution

With some significant performance, ergonomics, and total cost of ownership advantages over their leading competitors, plus shorter lead times, there’s never been a better time to invest in a Yale solution.

Yale offers a range of order picking equipment to suit all shelf heights, with the Horizontal Order Picker and Medium to High Order Picker both available with shorter lead times.

The horizontal order picker,for first and second level picking, goes the distance. Thoughtfully designed ergonomics, state-of-the-art technology and reliable performance will help keep orders moving efficiently, shift after shift. The Yalemedium and high-level order picker, designed for picking up to 4.8m, is an ideal solution for comfortable and efficient second and third level order picking in warehouses where picking individual items is the primary focus.

Some warehouses may use stacking to optimise space, with trucks such as the Reach Truck and Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) truck providing the perfect applications for this environment.

The narrow aisle Reach Truck combines the latest technology and ergonomic design with next-level performance to help you exceed expectations in high-density warehouse applications. Adept in very narrow aisles the VNA allows the warehouse to increase storage density while still permitting 100% selectivity and the ability to quickly move high volumes. Designed to require less maintenance so, when necessary, they make service a breeze with easy access.

Yale warehouse trucks are built locally in Masate, Italy meaning customers in Europe do not have to wait so long for delivery. To find the right truck for your needs, contact your local Yale dealer to secure your build slot today. In a time when long delays are a challenge, Yale delivers.