There are roughly 3.9 billion tonnes of food produced worldwide annually for human consumption. All this food needs to be handled and transported in some way. Through production and packaging, from farm to fork.

Through Discovery Interviews Yale has obtained details of what is required and so have developed factory fit solutions for food specification trucks and attachments.

Challenges in food handling operations include seasonal peaks, the addition of new product lines, and the avoidance of cross-contamination. Managing these demands can add to costs but these can be reduced by efficient utilisation, optimisation of space, and using the right equipment.

Solutions suited to the food industry:

Incorporating Lithium-ion battery-powered trucks removes the need for battery change rooms and eliminates gassing vapours when charging. There is no risk of acid spills, no battery maintenance or topping-up battery levels.

Goods-in areas need to be able to deal with a range of challenges, such as handling perishable or frozen goods, in an efficient and effective fashion.

Combined with trucks with compact turning circles and tilting mast reach trucks for smaller operations, we can help you maximise the available space and processes.

Rider Pallet truck due to speed and flexibility when loading/unloading lorries over longer distances. Powered pallet trucks for shorter distances.

Food safety:

Protect your operations from contamination and meet growing regulatory pressures. Make food safety non-negotiable:

  • Reduce bacteria absorption by using impenetrable materials
  • Achieve greater transparency to help isolate concerns to reduce product loss
  • Utilise approved, inspection-ready, non-toxic food-grade lubricants.

Cold store cab options:

A fully insulated cabin is available in both standard and narrow chassis models. Heated windows and heaters built into the cabin doors maintain the optimum temperature for the operator.

Combined with an air circulation system operators can work longer more comfortably. Visibility isn’t compromised either, operators have a clear all-round view with venting and wipers keeping the front of the cabin clear from mist.

The truck is available with glass or polycarbonate, heated or unheated windows. In freezing temperatures moving parts can adversely affect reliability that’s why we’ve perfected hydraulic lubrication to withstand the effects of temperatures down to -30°C without compromising on truck performance.

Learn more about how Yale dealers have provided solutions for the food industry by checking out our case studies or use our dealer locator to find your authorised dealer.