Iain Friar, Yale Brand Marketing Manager:

“The “Archie” has long been acknowledged as the industry’s most prestigious accolade and we are delighted to be selected again as a finalist for the FLTA Awards. Ergonomics and innovation are at the forefront of the Yale design process and this selection provides recognition that the company has created a breakthrough with the MPT rider pallet. We design the truck around the operator, so ergonomics is a critical consideration rather than an afterthought.”

The Yale® MPT rider pallet truck series, with its adaptive seat design, provides the focus for both categories. Combining the key benefits of platform and seated models, the series has created a new class of truck, allowing operators the freedom to select their position at the touch of a button.

The truck design ensures operators of all sizes are able to find a comfortable position while performing a range of different operations for short or long transfers. This innovative approach to stress-free operation addresses one of the leading factors in increased operator productivity.

The Oscar-style awards ceremony takes place in Telford this Saturday, where the winners are presented with a small statuette of Archimedes.