The engineers behind the award-winning ergonomic Yale rider pallet truck.

Malcolm Cole, Engineering Manager at Yale Europe Materials Handling: “I gain great satisfaction in making someone else’s job easier.”

In March 2017, Yale® was delighted to be presented with the Ergonomics prize for the Yale MPT Series Rider Pallet Truck at the FLTA Awards for Excellence ceremony. For all those involved with the project, this moment was the culmination of years of research and development, all geared towards creating the best possible product for customers’ use. Devising and assembling this award-winning truck required the expertise of a well-balanced and experienced team, who bring the story to life in this article.


With the increased focus in recent years on the productivity of employees, as well as their health and well-being, ergonomics is continuing to play an even more prominent role within the logistics industry. It is therefore no surprise to discover that right from the initial idea stages of the design process through to the final testing of prototypes, customer input remained central to the entire MPT Series Rider Pallet Truck project.