For the food and beverage industry, equipment tailored to the environment is key to increasing productivity. From cold storage solutions, double pallet handlers, noise reduction options, and precision control tiller heads, Yale® solutions are designed to manage intensive jobs, shift after shift.

The basic needs of customers for food and beverage are met by the foodservice industry, which has been catered through materials handling solutions. Food and beverage operations may vary in size, style, location, and the market they are catering to. Subsequently, they need be supported by efficient materials handling products.

The European functional beverage market is projected to record a CAGR of 6.5% during the forecast period 2020-2025. The rise in consumer demands is driving each market to push operations both in the facility and on the delivery route.

The demand for greater food and beverage choices is causing Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) counts to skyrocket – creating inefficiencies and labour-intensive picking processes. Today, an item out-of-stock is not an option for consumers. Suppliers can take charge of this situation with the following:

  • Using variable height picking processes to increase SKU capacity
  • Placing slower-moving SKUs above faster-moving ones for efficient access to frequently picked items
  • Adding case flow lanes to pick lines to accommodate more SKUs

Increased urbanisation is pushing drivers to squeeze more stops into tighter delivery windows. Exceeding delivery demands can meet these expectations. Yale’s lithium-ion range supports food and beverage suppliers by:

  • Staying charged longer and up to 2x faster with lithium-ion batteries
  • Helping to empower the operator with greater manoeuvrability in tight spaces
  • Reducing stress and stabilise loads to help optimise control and operator confidence

Finding qualified labour can be a difficult task for suppliers. Yale products can assist in retaining top talent as well as reducing turnover through:

  • Redirecting workers to more value-added tasks by deploying robotic solutions
  • Offering advanced ergonomic lift truck solutions to help reduce musculoskeletal problems related to operations
  • Using telematics to simplify checklists and reinforce positive behaviour

Having the right-sized fleet can reduce administrative costs and extend the life of equipment to further enhance operations. A Yale fleet specifically tailored for the food and beverage industries can enable suppliers to manage intensive jobs, over long periods of time.

Take control with game-changing Yale solutions. Keep food and beverage safety and traceability in check, while meeting strict guidelines and increasing consumer demands.

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