For an operation dealing with diverse loads, a one-size-fits-all approach to its materials handling needs is unlikely to deliver the levels of productivity required. When Marston’s, the UK’s leading independent brewing and pub retailing business, expanded its business, it turned to trusted Yale partner, Briggs Equipment.

Determining precise needs

Marston’s required a fleet that would transfer pallets of beer, spirits and soft drinks as well as keg and cask products to kerbside lorries for onward distribution.

Kevin O’Rourke, Group Fleet Manager at Marston’s: “We’ve had a very close relationship with Briggs for a number of years. We explained what we wanted to do and what was needed, and they’ve supported us with everything.” 

37 new pieces of Yale equipment were supplied on an outright purchase basis across 14 Marston’s depots, bringing the total number of Yale trucks within the fleet to over 200.

A tailored solution

Industry experts at Yale understand the challenges associated with handling kegs and pallets in large quantities. Keg clamp attachments have been fitted to the forklifts to enable the operators to lift up to 18 barrels at a time, reducing the number of trips required and allowing quicker loading and unloading of kegs.

The Marston’s fleet includes short wheelbase and compact forklifts, ideally suited for optimising manoeuvrability within the confines of the warehouse. The forklifts feature steel mesh guards on the windscreen and roof offering added protection for the operator.

Pedestrian Awareness Lights project a blue spot at the back and red lines at the front and sides of the truck to alert pedestrians to the close proximity of the truck.

In safe hands

In such an intensive start-stop operation, minimising the downtime of equipment is key to a productive business. The Yale equipment improves the overall reliability of the fleet while also reducing maintenance costs.