For the paper industry, materials handling equipment is used to handle everything from loose and baled paper to finished sheets of paper. Yale has the equipment to provide a solution for standard, difficult, or specialist requirement applications for changes in operational needs. 

The paper industry is a global market that produces around 411 million tonnes per year and has an annual turnover of €180 billion. Paper is used in a multitude of applications in daily life and industry, hence the need to handle a variety of materials. 

There are generally three main paper industry areas: pulp and recycling, paper rolls, and palletised finished products. Each area requires a wide range of different materials handling solutions and specialist equipment including; bale and tissue roll clamps, rotating paper roll clamps, and multi-pallet handlers. 

Not only does Yale understand the solutions required to meet the needs of every facet of the paper industry, but it also has an appreciation of the evolving nature of the sector. Paper applications are changing, recycling is growing, and the demand for quality and specialist paper is also increasing. By understanding the industry trends, Yale can better cater to the materials handling requirements of customers. 

The paper industry is a challenging working environment, but these challenges can be turned into opportunities with the correct Yale materials handling solution: 


There is a push for greater sustainability efforts throughout the industry on a global scale. This is why there is electric capability from 1-9t across the Yale product range. The increased usage of more capable electric trucks and alternative power solutions will help reduce environmental impact. 

Product and load sizes are increasing 

The right attachment should be used to increase productivity whilst minimising product damage. With over 70 years of experience across paper applications, Yale can provide a complete product range of paper roll and bale clamps that is capable of handling every paper application. 

Best practice for transporting paper rolls

Paper rolls must be loaded vertically along the centre of a lorry bed. Yale has developed a special mast specifically for the paper industry which can deliver an additional 250mm of extended reach capability. Both this and the return-to-set tilt function bring the roll back to a vertical position helping to minimise product damage. 

Improving awareness

In all stages of the paper industry supply chain, running a safe operation is a top priority. Advanced technology and systems can help to mitigate incidents occurring. Solutions like telematics systems can aid in developing best practice operations and improving awareness of forklift truck drivers and pedestrians working nearby may help to reduce incidents. 

Arduous conditions

Working in dusty and dirty environments, such as recycling, offers the threat of debris and foreign object damage to trucks and products which can push them to their limits. Yale offers debris and dust resisting features that can reduce the impact of the elements on both truck and operator. 

Confidence in the Yale solution

At Yale, we know that customers require a materials handling solution range that offers the ultimate quality and reliability. Whichever equipment you choose to use from Yale, rest assured it’s engineered to deliver superb levels of productivity.

With Yale, businesses in the paper industry not only have the best equipment at their disposal – they also have the support of expertise and a supplier who fully understands their unique and often challenging needs. 

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