• Ergonomic features include heated cabins, double glazing and double skin insulation amongst others
  • Hydraulic lubrication, double sealed electrical connectors and zinc coated frames ensure Yale trucks can operate in harsh conditions
  • Yale Europe Materials Handling has extensive expertise and solutions to overcome the issues faced in cold store environments

It is no secret that consumers love fresh produce. Yale uses extensive expertise to provide a range of options that minimise additional maintenance, repair costs and downtime so that a drop-in temperature doesn’t mean a drop-in performance.

Ergonomics and operator comfort are central to the Yale design philosophy. Features such as enclosed heated cabins with double glazing and double skin insulation are offered on Yale® MR Series reach trucks and Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) trucks, providing operators with a warm and comfortable workspace.

For comfort and safety, operators in cold stores often wear bulky clothing and gloves. To accommodate this, the doors on Yale trucks are easy to open and close, they have the lowest and widest step in the industry and integrated grab handles support easy access. Inside the cabin, wider floor pedals increase legroom for the operator providing a more comfortable operating position.

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Visibility doesn’t need to be compromised either. Double glazed windows with heated glass can be fitted to prevent fogging, and the air circulation system keeps the cabin clear from mist and condensation. The driver can even communicate with those working around them using an intercom, eliminating the need to continually open and close the cab door and risk condensation caused by cold air.

Sub-zero temperatures can have a particularly adverse effect on moving parts, which in turn impacts productivity so to counteract this, we have developed hydraulic lubrication that can endure conditions down to -30°C without compromising truck performance. A range of solutions for specific requirements, for example environments below -30°C or applications where equipment is used continuously within a cold store, are also available through our Specialist Engineering team.

Read our case study on how two new cold store MR reach trucks supported by two MPX power pallet trucks are proving to be a robust, reliable and low-cost materials handling solution in sub-zero temperatures at Chiltern Cold Storage.

For further information on the range of materials handling equipment from Yale visit www.yale.com.