Changing consumer buying behaviour and more online sales have affected the landscape of the retail industry and supply chain, making the seamless customer experience more important than ever.

Demand for personalised goods or smaller quantities of goods via various platforms adds complexity. Whether storing goods in warehouses or transporting goods to store, Yale is the full-time solutions partner for materials handling equipment that can be relied on to perform in such time-pressured environments.

Robust trucks and excellent service delivery are a winning formula in minimising downtime and maintaining high levels of productivity and ultimately customer satisfaction.

Order picking solutions

Whether picking from a mezzanine, ground, or second level, Yale has a blend of order picking and tugger train solutions to suit your needs:

MO10-25 Low Level Order Picker: low step to reduce operator fatigue with optional coasting function to avoid continual ingress and egress when the next picking position is close.

MO10 medium and high-level Order Pickers: Designed with a max cabin floor height of 4.8m, an ideal solution in warehouses where picking individual items is the primary focus.

MTC 10-15 Very Narrow Aisle: the unique quad-form mast is stable at heights of up to 17 metres with horizontal and vertical movements that combine to offer one of the quickest VNA transits in the industry.

MT70-80 and MO50-70T Tow Tractors with Tugger Train Systems: flexible solution to increase process efficiencies by collecting empties and delivering kits simultaneously.

Many of these trucks have optional equipment that allows them to operate in cold store conditions.


For a warehouse operation to function at maximum productivity and efficiency, and fulfil its consumer orders, unloading and loading at speed is essential.

Yale offers an all-encompassing range of equipment solutions ideal for unloading and loading road freight. Whether you are dealing with curtain sliders, low loaders or other lorries, no matter how tight the space or congested the loading and unloading bays are, trust Yale to meet most of your requirements.

Back of Store Solutions

With the retail landscape changing and an increase in pop-in shops, ensuring you have the right materials handling solutions to receive various goods is becoming increasingly important.

Yale offers an all-encompassing range of equipment solutions ideal for either unloading lorries, managing smaller storage areas, or for replenishing shelves within a store. Keeping safe when interacting with the public is important and Yale offers many operator assist systems to allow safe interaction with pedestrians.

Distribution or e-commerce fulfilment centres

Do you need to accommodate additional SKUs without increasing your footprint or compromising throughput?

The Yale Warehouse Simulator is a tool developed to help businesses take the risk out of difficult handling decisions.

Basing recommendations on realistic data and industry experience, the Yale Warehouse Simulator helps identify the make-up of a materials handling fleet required to meet a company’s warehouse operational requirements.

Do you need help finding the right solution? Use our Yale dealer locator to find your authorised dealer.