In today’s materials handling world, new solutions combine ergonomic features with cost efficiency and productivity. So your manufacturing business can have it all

Yale aims to incorporate the most efficient ergonomic value into our trucks so that operators feel immediately comfortable both driving the truck and using it within the environment of the metals industry and the industries it supplies. The truck is ready for action rather than the operator struggling with the operation of the truck. The more we can simplify the truck’s operation, the better it is for the operator.

MP20X Ride-on Pallet Truck

Our strong ergonomic focus across the Yale® product range is demonstrated with the Yale MP20X Ride-on Pallet Truck. It is designed to provide the most comfortable working environment for operators with a large cushioned operator platform and a non-slip surface, which allow the operator to determine the most comfortable driving position throughout the shift. The truck features an ergonomic tiller head with angled hand grips and responsive low effort ‘butterfly’ controls to reduce stress and fatigue on the operator’s wrist, thumb and fingers. Foldable side arms provide the operator with comfort and stability when manoeuvring. In addition the operator can choose whether to operate the vehicle right or left handed.

Today’s production environments are stressful and frenetic. If operators are comfortable, they are better focused and better able to navigate these challenges. Ergonomics is critically important.

Yale ERP15-20VT

This three-wheel Electric Counterbalance Truck helps operators perform at their optimum level in the most challenging environments. The truck can accommodate operators of all shapes and sizes so that drivers experience the most comfortable and ergonomic working compartment possible to reduce back strain and minimise fatigue throughout their shift. It offers effective vibration control with a fully adjustable full-suspension low vibration seat.

With comfort and wellbeing in mind, there is an adjustable mini-lever module armrest with built-in hydraulic controls, directional switch, emergency disconnect button and warning horn button. The instrument panel is positioned to the right of the operator for a clear unrestricted view of the truck’s operational status and performance settings.

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