Ian Melhuish, VP Sales EMEA

As the various lockdown scenarios are gradually lifted across Europe, the effect on the supply chains may be inconsistent and unpredictable, and could lead to surges in demand.

Any expectation that the lifting of restrictions will be smooth and evenly spread across industry sectors and countries is misguided. Certain industries will have phased reopening while various governments confirm which businesses are deemed to be ‘essential’, and can therefore resume.

So far the manufacturing and warehouse sectors have seen vast demand for flour, hair dye, hot tubs and paper products amongst others.

Wholesome, traditional pastimes have increased, with a return to baking, board games and gardening. Social media sites are filled with DIY efforts of leftover pallets being made into DIY garden seating, bars and planters. As a result of the changes to the food industry, other homemade activities include “fakeaways” which are meals inspired by fast-food chains, with packaging made by parents.

What trends will we see in the next surge in demand?

What we will expect to see is a huge increase of consumer demand to return to “normal life” as much as possible. Our prediction* is that there will be a spike in demand for:

  1. Additional exterior seating and furniture for business use
  2. Luxury wines and spirits in the beverage sector
  3. Paint (which has been difficult to access online)
  4. Camping equipment
  5. Large scale items for delivery such as gym equipment
  6. Businesses converting to a drive-through format or click and collect
  7. Direct app ordering

This boom in activity will intensify the supply chain, resulting in a need for reliable materials handling solutions, rental of forklifts, VNA trucks for moving products second and third tier shelving in busy warehousing units.  Many businesses will be looking to supplement their existing materials handling fleets with refurbished used trucks from reputable sources, or may be looking to add new trucks designed for lower intensity applications.

What trends do you think we will see, and is your business ready to support them?

Talk to our industry experts to get your business ready for the surge in consumer demand.

* Our predictions are based on referenced information and research.

Ian Melhuish, VP Sales EMEA