Yale Europe Materials Handling now offers Sunlight Li.ON FORCE batteries as a power solution for its materials handling product range.

The new offering enhances Yale’s lithium-ion range as an integrated solution for selected warehouse and electric counterbalance trucks, providing customers with a choice to select the best battery technology to suit their application.

Sunlight Li.ON FORCE battery.

The move marks a deepening relationship between Yale and Sunlight Group, which boasts over 12 years of research and development in lithium chemistry. Sunlight Group is one of the world’s top manufacturers of industrial and advanced energy storage solutions.

“Thanks to the success of our collaboration, Sunlight Group has become a trusted partner of Yale, helping us to deliver efficient and productive solutions for our customers,” says Marcus Rosenkranz, Area Business Director for Eastern Europe at Yale.

Sunlight Li.ON FORCE batteries are well suited for intensive or multi-shift operations. A single battery can replace multiple lead-acid batteries and release space used for battery changes, reducing handling time and costs. Customers can also benefit from fast opportunity charging during breaks and shift changes.

Sunlight Li.ON FORCE batteries recharge.

For industries where clean operations are a must, such as food, beverage, and pharmaceutical, Yale products fitted with Sunlight Li.ON FORCE batteries are free of gaseous emissions with no risk of acid spillage.

With a maintenance-free, long life cycle, the Sunlight Li.ON FORCE batteries are robust. Yale lithium-ion products offer more uptime as well as reduced running costs, as there is no requirement to exchange the battery. The charging efficiency of lithium-ion batteries is at over 90% – greater than lead-acid options.

“Sunlight Li.ON FORCE batteries are the most innovative and revolutionary Smart Battery Solution in the market,” says Dimitris Panagiotou, Sunlight Group Sales Director. “Yale customers will reap the benefits of our lithium-ion technology, which has been honed and refined over many years of intensive research.”

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