Following the success of our Premium Line hand pallet trucks with the Yale logo stamped in the A-frame, we have expanded this feature to the Heavy-Duty Electric Scissor Lift pallet truck.

Not only is the eye-catching branding feature new, the Heavy Duty Electric Scissor lift pallet truck will also have a new design and new ergonomic features including: manual drive, on-board charger, 1000kg lift weight, electric lift and fork length of 1150mm.

What applications can the Heavy Duty Electric Scissor lift pallet truck be used for?

The Electric scissor lift allows for easy and light lifting of loads to a height up to 800mm, allowing you to work with goods and objects without overloading your back. When lifted, if becomes a practical work platform, which is ideal for applications such as machine workshops. It can also carry out the support function and material supply along the assembly and production lines.

What features does it have?

Front and rear stabilisers

Machine stability is achieved by using load rollers in a more advanced position and providing front stabilisers as standard, which stabilise the machine in 400-800mm range. The rear stabilisers also provide stability.

Emergency push button and off-load valve

An emergency push button with battery cut-off function is clearly visible and at your fingertips. The off-load valve allows for a smoother lowering of the load, increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of damage.

Tiller evolution

The machine has a special 3D ergonomically shaped tiller. Compared to a conventional tiller, this shape allows the operator to have a good position when pushing the loads with maximum efficiency without fatigue.

Foot protection shape

The new battery box base is designed to minimise risk of foot injury and leave more space of movement to the operator.

On-board charger and battery status indicator

The Electric scissor lift is equipped as standard with a new electric box with integrated charger and battery status indicator.

Autolevelling system

An optional addition, this automatic system, by means of a sensor offers effortless convenience by adjusting the height of the forks keeping the desired working height.


Standard starter battery 60 Ah 12V is fitted, with GEL batteries 50 Ah 12V optionally offered through the Aftermarket.


The standard unit comes with Rubber-PU wheels fitted and other wheel options are available through the Aftermarket.

For further information, contact your Territory Manager.