‘People. Products. Productivity.’ is the philosophy that has been integral to Yale for over 100 years. The company enables its customers to realise maximum performance by creating comfortable, effective and productive materials handling products that deliver on the demands of the operation at hand.

Yale will showcase its core philosophy in practice with a new three-part series focussing on its key pillars, ‘People. Products. Productivity.’ The series will also celebrate the centenary of the Yale brand and explore the successful operations of one of the oldest manufacturers of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment.

For over 100 years, Yale has been an active leader in the materials handling industry and established a strong reputation globally. The ‘People. Products. Productivity.’ philosophy has enabled Yale to continually provide reliable, robust and efficient materials handling solutions.

“Providing customers with solutions that improve their operations has been our driving force for the past 100 years and will remain at the heart of what we do,” said Ian Melhuish, VP Sales EMEA. “We always come back to ‘People. Products. Productivity.’ Whether it’s developing new products or advising on solutions, the voice of our customers is the most vocal. This in turn influences how we design our products, to ensure they enhance the productivity and efficiency of their operations. Our customers place their trust in us to deliver on this, and it is not something we take lightly.”

Catering to customer needs

One of the key elements of success behind the Yale philosophy is the role of industry experts who take the time to understand the pain points of customers’ materials handling operations. Not every customer is the same and Yale, combined with the support of its expert dealers, can dive deeply into nuances of the applications and services, to recommend a tailored solution.

“It is also vital that we do not become complacent; thanks to the development of technologies and power solutions, the working environment is undergoing constant change. At Yale, we are continuously seeking innovation and new ways of approaching materials handling solutions. This can be seen in our latest product releases, including a ground-breaking range of products for low intensity applications and a counterbalance truck with an integrated lithium-ion battery, however, we also have a few more exciting reveals up our sleeve that we can’t wait to showcase later this year!”

The future is now

“We’ve learned a lot in so many years of helping customers solve materials handling challenges, and it’s our goal – every day – to provide customers with the solutions they need, how and when they need them,” said Ian.

“We are proud of our heritage and by using our expertise in materials handling, Yale will continue to be at the forefront of innovative solutions in the next century. While we have some ideas of what the future of the industry will look like, we know that a lot of influence will come from technologies that might not have been discovered yet – and providing high quality products that will meet these as-yet-unknown needs is a challenge that we relish,” added Ian.

“With our new three-part series, we want to lift the lid on what makes Yale unique and how ‘People. Products. Productivity.’ is integral to our culture. It has been our driving force for the past 100 years and we intend to continue this for the next 100!”

For more information on the extensive range of materials handling equipment from Yale go to www.yale.com.