Yale® products have helped printing specialists Ellerhold Group to maximise efficiency in its Zirndorf warehouse with a made-to-measure solution developed by Nuremberg based Yale dealer M. + S. Bauer.

Bernd Schmidt, CEO of Ellerhold in Zirndorf

“The Yale dealer, M. + S. Bauer from Nuremberg offered the best overall concept by far, consisting of a high-bay warehouse and a narrow aisle truck. It was important to us that the available space is used optimally, so that we have the largest possible number of pallet spaces available on the shelf. Sufficient area also had to be provided for ground-level parking spaces to pick fast-movers using a pallet truck.”

The Yale narrow aisle truck MTC 10 was especially designed for applications where a maximum utilisation of storage space is important in the warehouse. The truck at Ellerhold has a lifting height up to 7,800mm with a capacity of one tonne. Through the use of a pantograph the width of the vehicle has been reduced to 1,420mm. In addition to the new MTC 10 narrow aisle truck, Ellerhold owns a Yale GLP 20 SVX forklift, an MP16 rider pallet truck and a Yale MSC10 pedestrian stacker.

Founded in 1987 in the town of Zirndorf, near Nuremberg, Ellerhold Group has developed in a short space of time into a well-known poster printing company, with a staff of 600 employees in Germany and a total turnover of around EUR 76 million in 2015.