As a result of over a decade of research and development into automated solutions, Yale® is delighted to announce the launch of its robotics portfolio, featuring Balyo technology.

Who is it for?

The Yale robotics solution is perfect for customers seeking entry-level automation.

For customers with small, repetitive jobs which could be automated, Yale robotic trucks offer a viable way forward, freeing up the existing workforce for higher value tasks.

The solution is scalable from a single truck to an entire fleet of trucks to suit the application at hand.

Why choose Yale?

Yale robotics is designed to offer the familiarity and reliability of Yale whilst reducing operating costs through flexible, affordable automation.

Industry-leading Balyo geoguidance navigation technology is at the heart of the solution, ensuring Yale robotic trucks stand out from traditional automated guided vehicles on offer. With no dedicated infrastructure required, the trucks can operate autonomously without the need for any wires, magnets or reflectors, reducing the cost of installation and virtually eliminating ongoing structural maintenance.

What trucks are available?

The current Yale robotics portfolio consists of three robotic trucks based on existing Yale manual trucks:

MO10-25 low level order picker
MO70T tow tractor
MC10-15 counterbalance truck

How is productivity improved?

The Yale robotic trucks can service production lines, transport loads between stations, conduct milk-run production loops and carry empty pallets to the palletising machine.

The trucks have a dual-mode design, so they can still be used manually to complete non-automated tasks. Operators can regain control at the touch of a button. This eliminates the need for separate equipment and gives customers the flexibility to accommodate unexpected requirements.

For more information on the full Yale robotics range, read our press release here or click here to find a Yale dealer near you.