As demand grows in materials handling operations and loads become more varied, the risk of damage to trucks, pallets, and infrastructure can rise, resulting in extra costs, additional maintenance, and increased downtime.

Maintaining productivity can be a constant challenge for any operation, so what is available to help operators do their job efficiently? Solutions engineered by Yale can help overcome these challenges, improve productivity, and provide assistance to drivers and pedestrians. Find out more about each of these solutions below: 

Object Detection System 

An aid to the operator to alert them to potential hazards from rear and side sensors, whether an object or a person. If a hazard is detected, it will be indicated by an audible tone, and the display will show an SL or SR (Side Left or Side Right) to tell the driver where it is. 

Roof Detection System

With the use of a radar, the system will detect when the truck is underneath a ceiling or other low overhead features. It will automatically limit traction speed when the truck begins to operate indoors.

Pedestrian Awareness Lights 

Front and rear blue LED motion-activated spotlights will help alert pedestrians that the truck is travelling. Red LED zoning lights will help indicate an exclusion zone for pedestrians when the truck is in motion. 

Seatbelt and Doors Interlock 

Focusing on the safety aspect of truck operation; this solution will not allow the truck engine to start unless the operator is in the seat with the seat belt fastened. It will shut off when the operator undoes the seat belt or leaves the seat. The addition of the cab traction interlock option means that the engine will not start without the cab doors being closed. This encourages best practices for operators. 

Air Suspension Seat

The addition of the air suspension seat puts comfort first and is built to withstand the roughest of environments. It includes fore and aft adjustment, as well as lumbar support. 

Battery Disconnect Switch

This switch allows the battery to be disconnected in an emergency or when not in use. It assists in preventing the battery from draining and losing charge. When the truck is required again, the operator must open the hood to reconnect the battery. 

Lighting Options

Truck lighting options can help to enhance operator visibility and decrease associated truck, product, and facility damage. The hazard lights, taillights, and front headlights are all activated by key switch, with the rear light activated when reversing. Mast lights help to illuminate the load area to aid the driver in dark environments. Integral protection also prevents these work lights from being damaged. 

Yale Vision 

Wireless monitoring with Yale Vision records hour meter utilisation, impact events, periodic maintenance tracking, and diagnostic code events. If choosing the wireless access option, the truck driver must scan a proximity card with the reader to start the truck. Adding wireless verification also provides a separate interactive display to allow the operator to conduct a customisable pre-shift checklist.  

If you would like to find out more about Yale Operator Assist Solutions; you can get in touch with your local dealer or visit our information page here.