Yale® has a global network of stellar dealers who are ready to support you. With their local expertise, they provide a strong, personal understanding of your operations.

Dealers are business partners who can provide everything you need to not only keep your facility running smoothly, but also ensure that your facility and operations are optimised for efficiency. Grupo Dynamo Hispaman, one of the main distributors of the Yale brand in Spain has an extensive network of delegations and dealers, with more than thirty years of experience in the sector. They provide results and strengthen the market share achieved by Yale in recent years in the Iberian zone.

Our dealers can’t deliver optimal results without your active support and participation. So here are five ways that you can get the most from your relationship with your Yale dealer.

Get your dealer involved early

Including your Yale dealer at the planning stage of your project will ensure you go away with the right solution. The earlier you involve them, the more they can understand the challenges you face and the objectives you want to achieve. This will also allow the dealer to suggest the best Yale solutions from the beginning.

Commit to a culture of safety

If you create and maintain a culture of safety, keeping up with training and education, it becomes beneficial for everyone. Making sure equipment is used properly and adhering to a regular maintenance schedule will enhance the safety for end-users and your dealer’s technicians.

Communicate regularly

The dealer/customer relationship should span for years. So it’s vital to not just talk to your dealer when you’re looking to put in a new order or if your fleet’s lease is coming to an end. Regular, frequent communication is beneficial for all involved, as your dealer can continue to offer advice to optimise your operations. It will also help to maintain the level of support that you need.

Define your goals

If you have a clear picture of your operational goals, then your Yale dealer can be certain that the solution they offer will achieve the improvements you are looking for. Your dealer will also be able to help you develop a set of metrics to measure what success would look like for you.

Go in with an open mind

Yale dealers work with a wide range of customers and applications daily. They are positioned to bring real-life experience to help solve your problem and know what will or won’t work for your business. They may also have an understanding of solutions that are more cost-effective for your business that you maybe hadn’t considered. In some cases, if your business parameters have changed, the lift trucks you currently have may not be the best solution going forwards.

Not only do Yale dealers provide a range of Yale materials handling equipment, but they also offer power solutions, fleet management, telematics, and financing. “We offer exhaustive advice and analysis on the applications of different sectors, becoming one of the most recognised specialists in industry solutions covering any need, or simply collaborating to optimise internal processes within an organisation,” say Grupo Dynamo Hispaman.

How do I find my local Yale dealer?

You can locate your nearest Yale dealer easily thanks to our dealer finder. Once you find them, you can discuss your needs and begin a long-term beneficial partnership.