Forklift trucks are an essential part of any logistic operation and getting the right vehicle fleet is crucial to successful business operations. While these vehicles can reduce handling costs and improve productivity, they can also be a big expense. Fortunately, the option to rent or lease can mitigate some of these costs and bring great benefits.

“Demand for quality used and refurbished equipment has never been higher,” comments David McIntyre, ReMarketing Manager for Yale Europe. “There has never been a better time to invest in a second-life forklift, especially one that has been refurbished through the Yale Approved Used Programme offering quality refurbished forklifts that are affordable, reliable and high performing for many years ahead.”

Find out more about hiring or buying a forklift truck (new or used) below:

Short-term Rental

Our short-term rental scheme sees us working in close conjunction with local dealers to provide responsive, dependable trucks that are straightforward to operate.

Short-term rental solutions are on hand to work with your business as a reliable tool. We can provide you with the possibility to seek out the right forklift truck, warehouse handling equipment or fleet to suit your desires.

With a wide selection of products to choose from, short-term rental ensures that you can keep moving forward with the added benefit of Yale technology.


Do you want a flexible fleet with the latest in lift truck technology along with lower overall total cost of operations?

Yale Financial Services allows you to do just that – with simple, affordable, and effective lease options that help you gain access to Yale’s latest lift truck technology, so your fleet can be as efficient as possible. And without the large capital outlay of a purchase, our leases can give you flexibility to re-invest in your business as needed.

Buying a forklift

Owning a forklift outright adds its value as a company-owned asset and gives you complete control over its operations. It also means that you are completely responsible for its operating hours, usage and terms.

Buying a forklift that is tailored to your working environment and operations can make it easier for employees to get to grips with the hardware and use it to its maximum potential. Having a static fleet of forklifts means operators are all familiar with their vehicles and operations can flow smoothly.

Approved Used Programme

The AUP is a Yale-backed refurbishment programme ensuring consistent and high-quality levels of refurbishment across all of our European dealers. The programme offers highly productive and reliable trucks at a fraction of the price of a new machine. These units offer the opportunity to own or rent forklifts with many years of reliable usage ahead.

Another option when considering a forklift truck is second-hand. can help you find affordable, reliable, and high performing used and refurbished Yale® products in an approved sales channel.

It is an advertising platform that allows our dealers to advertise the used truck stock that they have for sale, directly to end-users.

Not every application requires a new truck. Businesses may find themselves in a situation where they need to source a forklift immediately or are required to reduce expenditures. Even the need for a back-up truck may be essential to keep operations moving smoothly.

There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding whether to hire or buy a forklift truck and there is no universal answer to the question “is it better to hire or buy?” The right decision depends on your business needs and operations.

Talk to your local Yale dealer for more information about the above options. You can use our dealer locator to find your authorised dealer.