When it comes to maintaining high levels of productivity, great ergonomics and operator comfort can make all the difference to a company’s operation. The machine should be able to work in perfect harmony with its operator, requiring minimal effort to execute the task at hand. The new MPX Series platform pallet trucks from Yale Europe Materials Handling embodies this philosophy, offering impressive ergonomics and exceptional manoeuvrability.

“The YaleⓇ MP20-30X platform pallet trucks have been designed around the needs of the operator during horizontal transportation of loads,” explained Gianbattista Scaramuzza, Senior Product Strategy Manager, Warehouse Products at Yale.

MPX Series trucks are available in three configurations. For operations managers who would prefer the versatility of switching between ride-on and pedestrian mode, the MPX Series is available with a foldable platform and side arms for support. There are also two fixed platform options: one with permanent rear protection for the operator, and one with permanent side protection.

The trucks have a number of new features that allow operators to move loads smoothly and efficiently. The new, robust design of the foldable side arms provide stability and security when the truck is in motion, while also reducing maintenance costs and improving productivity.

As well as its ability to work in tight spaces, the MPX Series trucks can transfer loads across extended distances and offer a wide capacity range of 2 to 3 tonnes. The new fork design is available in a range of lengths, offering customers the choice of two fork heights to suit their specific needs.

Operation managers can choose the power solution that best fits their needs with lead acid and lithium-ion batteries offered for the MP20-30X trucks. Its durable design combined with a low energy consumption helps keep ongoing running costs under control.

The MPX Series can be tailored to applications with a range of additional options. A smart lift option can elevate loads and begin transporting pallets before its load arms are at full lift, eliminating the need for the operator to continually hold down the button.

“Even in the most congested of spaces, these new low lift trucks can work effortlessly. For businesses looking to reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity, the MPX Series trucks are the perfect addition to a fleet,” said Gianbattista.

For more information on the MPX Series from Yale go to www.yale.com.