Matthew Wiacek, Project Engineer at Yale:

“The rider truck is compact, particularly suited for tight situations like a platform truck, but for transfer work the rider truck is superior in many different ways. In particular, its sideways operating position allows easy viewing with minimal strain, in both forward and reverse directions, as well as safe transport carrying the load with forks trailing.”

Combining the key benefits of platform and seated models, the Yale® MPT series rider pallet truck, which is a finalist in both the Innovation and Ergonomics categories at this year’s FLTA Awards, gives operators the freedom to stand or lean, and the comfort of sitting for long transfers.

Yale stresses that the innovative seat system is just one of many ergonomic features which will help operators do a better job. A large opening and low step height make regular on-off access easy and the MPT has a stable, wrap-around structure that gives a real sense of security. The floor space is exceptionally large and a solid grab handle helps the operator in controlling his or her movements.

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