When it comes to the rigours of just-in-time operations, is your materials handling up to the job?

The inventory management system that is ‘just-in-time’ is all about increasing productivity and minimising wastage. Driving continuous improvement in materials handling – in any industry – helps in achieving this objective.

Making sure trucks are adaptable to the needs of different operators and that the right materials handling solution is used for the prevailing working conditions and loads in question is key to improving efficiency, safety and reliability. Meanwhile, continuous and regular training is essential to make sure materials handling staff come up with the right solution in any given circumstance, so helping to maintain smooth operational flow and meet just-in-time requirements.

The dependability and robustness of a truck is of paramount importance to every industry, while having a truck that is straightforward to operate and manoeuvrable safeguards timescales, and reduces incidences of damage and costs. This is an essential step in creating the well-oiled machine that just-in-time demands.

Telematics helps just-in-time operations by bringing the ability to streamline operations and maintain materials handling fleets at peak efficiency through the analysis of data about how assets are being used. In this way, managers can optimise both the operator and the use of the truck to ensure maximum reliability and uptime of the equipment.

Just-in-time operations are pressurised; if requirements are not met, the production line can stop, meaning profitability and competitiveness are adversely impacted. However, managers handling loads can safeguard just-in-time operations through appropriate planning and communication. This ensures the supply chain is made aware of any variations in demand and that demand volatility does not become a disruptor.

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