With years of unmatched industry knowledge and materials handling expertise, Yale offers a diverse range of capable trucks and cleverly designed solutions specially developed to meet various construction industry application requirements.

The construction industry is very important to the EU economy and is one of the most demanding operating environments for forklift trucks. The global construction industry is expected to grow US$4.5 trillion between 2020 and 2030, to reach US$15.2 trillion.

Handling construction materials made easy

Yale trucks are flexible and can be equipped with a wide range of attachments to handle various construction materials. For example, single or double hydraulic clamps on Yale lift trucks allows efficient handling of bricks and blocks in smooth operation. Double or multiple forks attachments are popular solutions for handling palletised construction material. Each option allows for productivity optimisation, while also saving time and money.  

Construction sites can be dangerous zones, so awareness around busy yards is of paramount importance. Standard and Special Engineering design features on Yale trucks can provide optimum awareness for operators and pedestrians alike.

When the dust settles, keep working efficiently

Dusty environments in the construction industry present tough demands on working trucks. Problems with an increase in component wear in cooling systems as well as operator discomfort are all direct impacts of dust.

Yale trucks feature an on-demand cooling fan with auto-reverse cleaning to reduce fan-induced dust. Automatic greasing forces dust out of critical wear areas, and the truck features a high mounted air intake. Other features also include a pressurised comfortable cabin that comes with a separate easy to clean filter.

Handle loads with care, minimising the risk of damage

Concrete precast, cement pipes, bricks, or other fragile building materials are valuable loads which need to be handled carefully to minimise the risk of damage. Designed with optimising customers’ profits in mind, Yale offers:

  • Sturdy, stable mast and chassis design to minimise shocks on load
  • Kissing forks with round edge or round fork sleeves to handle cylindrical shaped materials
  • Fork with protective nylon or rubber on shank to minimise stress on the load and forks

Increase uptime, optimise productivity

Yale trucks have embedded quality standards to provide consistent performance. Save up to 20% in fuel costs with smart trucks on demand hydraulic pumps that allow the engine to run at lower RPM. Spend more time working with reliable trucks, and less time in the workshop.

The right truck for the right job

In construction materials manufacturing, bulky cargo can require the right attachments. Picking, lifting, and positioning bulky concrete loads with maximum controllability can be achieved thanks to the sturdy mast structure, heavy duty side-shift and fork-positioning functionality of Yale trucks.

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