In this case study, Yale supports Nissan Italy as it overhauls its materials handling fleet

Customer: Nissan Italy
Location: Capena, Italy
Products: Yale MO and ERP 16VT

The materials handling requirement

The Nissan Italy distribution HQ in Capena is the main distribution centre of spare parts for the automotive industry at a national level. The warehouse’s spare parts come from either the two European production plants in Spain and the UK, or from Japan via the Amsterdam and Barcelona warehouses. The spare parts centre covers 10,000 square metres, of which 7,500 are operational, and handles roughly 6,000 lines per day.

In 2014, the spare parts distribution centre handled as many as 1,369,000 order lines in output, totaling almost 92,000 shipments. Every day, the warehouse handles roughly 200 orders for shipments to 16 dealers simultaneously, and manages them through around 50 lines.

The spare parts, despite being of different weights and sizes, move in standard wooden crates made in three sizes which are 2.3 metres deep and range from 70cm to 2.5 metres in height.

The solution

In 2011, Nissan Italy decided to renovate the entire fleet with a full-service agreement, with Rome-based Yale dealer, Antonelli Carrelli Elevatori Srl, winning the contract against stiff competition.

Nissan Italy proposed the replacement of the entire fleet and replacing it with other machinery, including some new equipment, while maintaining 17 recently purchased machines. Antonelli successfully proposed a buy-back value of the trucks, tailored specifically to suit Nissan Italy’s needs. It bought the entire package and then provided 7x MO and AC and 3x ERP 16VT newly produced trucks to replace the older machines, keeping a total of 43 trucks in use.

Today, Antonelli Carrelli Elevatori, Yale’s exclusive distributor for the Rome area, provides service and maintenance twice a week at the Nissan Italy headquarters for the rented fleet of trucks, including the high and medium level storing machinery and electric and frontal platform pallet trucks.

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