A close service relationship over many years, tailoring the complete Yale® range of products to meet the customer’s requirements has been the secret of success for Yale dealer, CLS with Sacchi Elettroforniture.

Giuseppe Pellegatta, General Service and Logistics Manager at Sacchi:

“We can endorse Yale on all fronts. The product is excellent and working with Yale and CLS provides flexibility and rapid professional assistance, by advising on the choice of trucks for specific needs.  This is a service that certainly represents important added value.”

For over 12 years Yale and CLS have provided logistics solutions to Sacchi, with a substantial increase in their working relationship from 2008. This has involved a full consultation on requirements, specifying adaptations to the trucks for Sacchi and providing the customised range of Yale products which CLS then supports and maintains. This has meant a close and operationally efficient relationship thanks to specialist knowledge and timely assistance.

Sacchi Elettroforniture was founded in 1957 and today is a leader in wholesale and retail of electrical equipment, lighting equipment, electrical appliances and complete materials.